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Regulations of Animal Protection Law


a) Veterinary regulations for entry with dogs from EU countries:


Dogs participating at the championship must verifiably have been vaccinated against rabies at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the event. After that, they must have gotten the booster inoculation during the period of time as indicated by the producer of the vaccine (following WHO standards). This needs to be confirmed on the vaccination ID. The expiry date of the vaccine must clearly be stated in the vaccination ID. If the expiry date is not stated the boost inoculation must have been administered within the past 12 months.
This vaccination must be proved by a veterinary certificate (EU Vaccination ID) where the following information must be provided:

  1. Name and address of the holder,
  2. Breed and sex of the animal
  3. Marking of the animal (readable tattoo, as of July 1st 2011 the marking with microchip is obligatory, ISO-Norm 11784 or 11785)
  4. Date of the vaccination, as well as type, producer and control number of the vaccine which has been used.
  5. Information about the duration of immunization


b) Veterinary regulations from the Austrian Animal Protection Law:


According to the Austrian Protection of Animals act as well as to the WUSV resolution it is prohibited, while training or exercising dogs, outside of or during the event:

*   to practice any kind of violence or aggression
*   to use electrical stimulation device or dummies 
*   to use pinch collars and coral collars
*   to use drugs

Contravention can lead to a disqualification from the competition and to criminal prosecution. When the dog is left in the car or in the trailer the dog handler has to take care that the dog is sufficiently provided with fresh air and water.

!! Due to the decided amendment of the animal welfare legislation, the use of chain neck straps is only permitted if these are provided with a "stop ring", so that the dicing function is also obviously prohibited !!


c) Regulations for participation:

In the frame of the basic examination a physical fitness test for the dogs will be held. At this short test the dog has to complete a jump on a table (height 80 cm). The jump has to be shown without physical support of the handler. Dogs which can’t perform this jump are not permitted to take part in the competition. 

When the dog’s state of health doesn’t allow to take part in a competition the dog has to be suspended from the event by the head judge. In case an animal suffers from health problems or obviously from pain a dismissal and the disqualification from the complete event has to follow. It is explicitly to point out that in the frame of WUSV competitions it is prohibited specifically to give pharmaceuticals in order to suppress pain and/or to improve performance. In case it will become clear that this rule has been violated the disqualification of the dog by the head judge has to follow as well. The judges of the sections are obliged to inform the head judge immediately once they get knowledge of such noticeable problems or irregularities.