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The obedience takes place on the grass field of the sports ground. The walking direction is from like in the sheme. It will be performed according to the IPO running scheme.

The dog handler can wear light sportive clothing, but not a special training vest.

Security check entrance


About 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of a team the team leader has to report at the security check point (handler’s entrance) that the team is ready to start. Following the collars will be checked.

In case a handler is not present at least 15 minutes before the start he will be disqualified.
The identity will be checked after the presentation at the handler’s exit.


Jumping devices / dumpers / pistols


The jumping devices will be provided according to the currently valid IPO regulation.
The scaling wall is equipped with wooden strips and an anti-slip surface. The jumping devices will be removed from the performance ground during the protection work, their positioning will be marked.
The weight and size of the dumpers is according to the IPO regulation.
All retrieve exercises have to be done in the running direction.
The organizer has to keep 2 cal. 6 pistols ready and the gun test takes place on the first straight.



Place for down


Males and females will be laid down on separate places. The places provided for down will be marked accordingly.