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Rules and Regulations W.U.S.V. Universal Sieger


1)      The winner of the Universalsieger show will be determined in a single competition
consisting of the combination of a IPO3 tournament and a special breed show.

2)      The selection of the Universalsieger show winner will be based on a combination of the results from both events. Only those dogs participating in both events will receive a ranking.

3)      The participants will be ranked according to their performances in the IPO3 tournament and the breed show (males/females will be separate).

4)      Participants will receive points equal to their ranking in the IPO3 tournament. These are identical with the grade. In case of a tie, the higher protection score will determine the placing, after this the higher obedience score will be considered.

5)      In the breed show, dogs will be evaluated and placed as in an ordinary breed show. However they receive no formal confirmation show rating. This will be done separately for males and females.

6)      The Universalsieger competitors will be separated by gender but not by age. Dogs will be placed in order but no critique or show rating will be given. It is possible to have a separate critique upon request.

7)      The participants will be awarded points for the show placing in the same manner as in point 4.

8)      The points awarded in the IPO3 tournament and in the breed show will be added together. The participants with the best results (ideal score is 1+1=2) will be awarded the Universalsieger title (males/females). The remaining participants will be graded in ascending order according to their result.

9)      In case of a tie, the better placement of the IPO-3 tournament is decisive.


10)    Dogs, who did not get any trial degree during the tournament will be placed at the end of the list without regard of the points received. They will also lose the placings gained for the breed show. The dogs placed behind them in the list of the breed show, will all advance by one placement.


Team Ranking


For the team ranking the result of the 3 best dogs that passed will be added together. These three dogs are composed out of two males and one female.